The Story Continues

I viewed the completion of writing my journey of forgiveness in the book I Choose to Forgive: An Intimate Journey with God” as an ending destination for me. Little did I know that God had so much more planned. First, the book went international immediately–without any effort on my part. Requests to publish this message on forgiveness have come from nearly every continent. Amazing. Then, the speaking requests began, many of which I’m unable to fulfill, such as the ones in Pakistan and Rwanda. But, a demanding speaking tour was undertaken through five countries of Europe when the German book was released. This spring there is a possibility of speaking engagements in French-speaking areas of Europe. Again, I’m amazed.

By far, however, the most amazing (there is that word again!) part of this continuing journey is in the relationship I have with the murderer of my son. This person, whom I once identified as first a Murderer and then a Monster, had become not only a Man for whom I prayed and corresponded, but my Brother in Christ! He now often writes of his love for me and my family. He once claimed we were his only family now, as he has lost contact with his blood family since being in prison. In his prison cell he fashioned a small, table-top podium on which I could place my Bible whenever I tell “our story of forgiveness.” He is using my book about his crime. . . and God’s forgiveness to testify to other inmates.

This is an on-going, ever developing story. ONLY GOD could have written this script! Amazing!

Stay tuned!