The Unthinkable Has Occurred

Correspondence with the murderer of my son has become a “normal” part of my forgiveness journey. Strange, isn’t, that such a relationship could ever be considered “normal?” But, in God’s Kingdom, living according to a very different definition of “normal” is to be expected. It is Jesus who tells that we are to “love our enemies” (Matthew 5:44). We’re told to feed and clothe them (Romans 12:20). It was the Biblical command to “bless those who offend you” (I Peter 3:9) that revolutionized my own journey of forgiveness. Unthinkable. Yet, God commands it. . . and empowers it.

As a result of the publication of my book, I Choose to Forgive, I’ve heard so many stories from readers whose lives have been transformed by choosing to forgive. The stories of pain and abuse have been heartbreaking, but the joy that comes through as the freedom of forgiveness is experienced cannot be adequately described. Praise God.

However, it was a letter from the murderer of my son that has been the most remarkable to me.I had a copy of my book delivered to him in the California prison where he is incarcerated. He read it immediately. His initial response was one of sorrow and repentance. But a few days later I couldn’t help but laugh when he wrote, “I want to thank you again for sending me your book. It is truly inspiring, and is¬†already proving itself very popular with inmates and others as well.” UNTHINKABLE. . .this man is sharing this book within the prison! This book that describes his horrible crime and my long journey of learning how to forgive.¬†Only God could cause this to happen! The unthinkable made “normal.” Amazing.

Only God knows what eternal blessings will come from this. This is His book. I’m on this journey at His direction. He is at work in the lives of everyone involved with the death of our son, as well as in the lives of the readers. May He receive all the glory!