An Endorsement from a director of a counseling center, Dr. Clay Barnes.

Deeply personal, biblically anchored, I Choose to Forgive is a succinct documentation of one woman and mother’s journey through grief, anger and resentment to forgiveness and healing.  In a matter of a few short chapters Dr. Collard has revealed the painful process of loss, grief and ultimately the journey of forgiveness that can allow a grieving mother to confront and forgive a senseless act of violence perpetrated upon her son.


I am most impressed that Dr. Collard was able to communicate in two and a half pages the horror of learning that her son had been murdered while trying to help a colleague out of a difficult situation.  In the space of these pages she is able to communicate the tragedy without getting mired down in the gritty details or trying to sensationalize any aspect of the story.  She introduces the “characters” of the book with respect and anonymity, protecting identities of all involved.


The chapters then move quickly and directly into the meat of the book:  How can one possibly forgive this kind of senseless act of violence?  Dr Collard proposes that, not only can it be done, she walks through her own process of understanding that it is a journey that must be taken if she is to move forward in ministry and in life.  Reading the book, one can sense the struggle of the author and understand this book, though short and clear, is not trying to present some simplistic formula.


I found the book to be long enough to communicate what needed to be and short enough to recommend to any client struggling with the issue of unforgiveness.  I believe this little book can be a valuable addition to any counseling library and recommendation list.